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Supernautica provides high-quality marine consultancy, project management, technical management, maintenance and refit services to the yacht industry.

Our in-house “Nikos Maniatopoulos” certified surveyor supervises and ensures best results from small touch-ups to complete strip down and refinishing projects.

We have been handling yacht care, repair and maintenance in Corfu for more than 25 years. And our highly specialised staff offer a thoroughly reliable job


  • Yacht service, repair and refit in Corfu Greece

  • General polyester-epoxy works / carbon fiber /   upgrades and installation

  • Complete paint service with finest quality materials (Awl Grip)

  • Scaffolding and shrinking wrap

  • Teck decking construction and installation

  • Maintenance / antifouling / Polishing / cleaning

  • General engineering

  • Shafts / Propellers / brackets

  • Exhaust systems

  • Custom stainless steel fabrication

  • Rudder and steering systems

  • Hydraulic services / gangways / cranes

  • Electrical and electronic service

  • Pipe work & plumbing in all materials

  • Interior installations / upholstery works

  • Yacht Transfers


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Teak Decking

We prefabricate teak decks in-house at our workshop, laying out individual sections which are then dismantled and transported to the yacht for rapid installation.

We can showcase various options for style, design and finish for your yacht.

We work with only the highest quality Burmese teak available in the world.


Supernautica Yacht Repair & Service offers a wide range of high-quality in-house services for yachts, such as project management, engineering, metal works, plumbing ,electrical-electronic, engines-generators,  gangways, cranes , hydraulic platform's and all kind of mechanical works with full complete repair and installation. All services ensure the highest standard in every aspect of the yachts